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  • Royal
    Remineralising Water System
    Fully Digital RO System with Double Protection
    RO + UF + Mineral + AAA + TDS Controller
  • Fully Digital System
    Misty Fresh Black
    We have created a Design that looks Awesome, performs Brilliantly & senses Orientations.
  • Your Family RO System
    Small Wonder
    Premium Perfomance !
    Advanced Design !
    Superior Value !
  • Industrial RO Systems
    Super Power in simple pure water
  • में अपने परीवार की स्वास्थ्य की सुरक्षा क लीये सिर्फ भरोसा करती हुं Pure H2O
    के OXY Plus Technology वाले R.O. Systems पर...
    PURE H2O की सालो की महेनत और रीसर्च का नतीजा है PURE H2O के OxyPlus Technology युक्त R. O. Systems...

Welcome to Pure H2o

With over 12 years of experience in water filter Market

As people become increasingly aware of the benefits of purified water, As a result whole House and Commercial Reverse Osmosis systems are becoming widely accepted.

We carry a wide veriety of RO systems, one of which will fit your application and your budget.

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Anti Oxident
Alkaline + Minerals

Model Design

Switch Mode
Power Supply



Micro Controller
LCD Display

System Operating
Time Display

Dry Run
Safety Feature


Quality Assurance